About Us

About Atharva Wellness

Atharva Wellness is an organization is dedicated to holistic wellness approach to maintain health of individual through nontoxic practices and based on pure traditional healing techniques. Our executive healing team consists of true professionals with more than 10 years of international experiences. Our team consists internationally acclaimed Ayurveda doctors, Yoga teachers, healing practitioners, Meditation teachers, Detox therapists, Reiki Masters, Lifestyle coach, Counselors etc.

The word Atharva comes from one of the four Veda (Book of knowledge) of Hinduism. In Atharva Veda it is written how to maintain & obtain health and wellbeing in once life without any side effects for attending perfect health & happiness in life.

In 21st century the people is facing many stress and discomforts. Our goal is to maintain their health through ancient traditional healing techniques. And we are open to invite wellness practitioners to join ATHARVA WELLNESS for the mankind.

We are based at Bangkok, Thailand and travel round the world for Holistic Wellness, for giving lectures, trainings, workshops, seminars, detox, consultation, healing, rehabilitations, health management etc.

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