Yoga Workshop

The Secrets of Yoga

In the ancient world there are few cultures that develop the science for the wellbeing of the mankind. India & its culture given its contribution as Yoga and Ayurveda. Yoga is the science of living where Ayurveda is the science of healing. Both the science based on its ancient skill, practice and techniques to maintain someone’s health and well being.

The Secrets of Yoga is designed to develop someone’s overall wellbeing to have a peaceful balanced lifestyle.

Class division 180mins

0-15mins: Om Chanting & preparation.

15-25mins: Heating Breath for detox & increase ability.

25-70 mins: Warming up & Surya Namaskar with chakra breathing for better circulation.

70-75mins: Break

75- 95mins: Sitting & Other Asanas for the improve of internal organs.

95-115mins: Shavasana & Short Yoga Nidra for rejuvenation.

115-130mins: Balanced Pranayama & Bandha for stress release and memory development.

130-135mins: Break

135-155mins:Mantra Chanting for Kaya suddhi (Physical & mental detox for better life).

155-175mins: Dharana Meditation (for personality & mental development).

175mins-180mins: Discussions.


Correct, balance & enhance the Prana (Life force).

Personality development & mental stability.

Stress release & memory development.

Protection from stroke, migraine and Blood pressure.

Physical & mental detox for better life.

Improve excellent function for liver, pancrease, gallbladder & kidney.

Regularize menstruation & better hormone circulation. etc.

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