Special Ayurveda Package

All our programs are holistic in nature. The Ayurveda oils are based on herbs and have healing effects. The packages comes with Ayurveda oil therapy treatment based on Panchakarma along with ancient Yogic Techniques or meditations or different types of healing or singing bowl therapy.

Programs are combination of integrated healing approach. Each package comes with 1.5hour to 3hours per day. Especially vegetarian diet available & recommended to support the program.

*All the packages are designed based on Ayurvedic Wellness program. Safe & useful for all. 

Post Covid 19 Package:  3days:18999 THB / 5days:30000 THB.

This package is especially for the people, who has gone through Covid-19 infection. We designed this program to develop immunity & rejuvenation of Body, Mind & Soul. This program includes Ayurveda treatment & healing techniques.

Stress Management Package: 3days: 17999 THB / 5days:28000 THB.

For them who is under stressed condition. We work with physical & mental stress conditions. People work in high density environment, stressful condition & family trouble. This program comes with Ayurveda treatment along with meditation & healing.

Rejuvenation Package: 3days: 15999 THB / 5days: 25000 THB.

This is for all the people, who wants to go for a break in life. This program simply helpful for rejuvenation of the individual. This program comes with Ayurveda treatment along some Yogic techniques of breathings. Heal yourself to heal the nature.

Detox Package:    3days: 16999 THB / 5days: 26000THB.

This program is developed to remove the toxins (AMA) from the body. Toxins create blockages & one becomes sick. Ayurveda treatments with herbs helps to remove those unnecessary waste from the body. Ayurveda treatment along with simple Yogic Asana techniques advised in this program.

Arthritis Management Package: 3days: 19999THB / 5days:32000 THB.

People with joint pain or history of arthritis are welcome to take this program. Ayurveda warm herbal oils application heal the joints, muscles and develop more lubrication for the movement. This program comes with Ayurvedic treatment along with easy Yogic techniques to heal & comfort you.

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